Solar Energy is our passion.

We care about the next generations – we measure our success by the way we touch their lives today. Because we care, we design trendsetting energy storage solutions for daily live. During the last decades we have reviewed and rethought power storage technology together with the best engineers worldwide in the field. The result is a reliable power storage solution that specifically impresses with its design and exceptional customer experience.

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Storage systems rethought.

Learn more about the origin of RCT Power.

RCT Power is a technology leader in stationary storage solutions for domestic and industrial use. The brand has its origin in the city of Konstanz, Germany. Here we have assembled an experienced team of experts in the field of power electronics. Together with our manufacturing in Jiangsu, China, we work on innovative solutions enabling a better and sustainable usage of solar power.

At RCT Power we strongly believe that innovation, quality and superior customer service are the foundations for success.
Our main focus in product development is always based on the simple and flexible design of reliable and sustainable solutions for our customers. Experience it yourself: We are happy to show you how you can use our high voltage technology to harness solar energy and create independence from conventional power suppliers.

Rethinking power storage.

Pure design. Modular system. Easy installtion. The RCT Power Storage DC 8.0 US.

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Grows with your needs.

Pure design. Modular system. Easy installtion. The RCT Power Battery.

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RCT Power Germany

RCT Power was founded by german engineers in Konstanz, Germany. A lovely city at the lake Constance with an inspiring view to the Swiss Alps mountains. This is where our team of experts in the field of power electronics works on innovative solutions enabling a better and sustainable usage of solar power.

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RCT Power China

Suzhou is the twin city of Konstanz. A modern and vibrant city in China with qualified manpower - an excellent production site. Here RCT Power produces the high quality storage systems in its own high-tech factory.

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Store solar energy intelligently.

Sustainable clean energy storage with solar power
Power your home during an outage with solar energy
Your appliances stay safe and running

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