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Get a taste of energy independence today.

The future of solar storage is here. Spiced with German technology. Refined with elegance.

Solar energy whenever you need it.

With a striking design, high-performance and comfortable applications,the all-new RCT Power Storage System will transform your perception about storing solar energy.

Secure in every sense.

The intelligent RCT Power Storage System ensures that solar power can also be used when the sky is cloudy, at night or during power outages. Keeping your home safe and cozy.

Pure efficiency. Easy installation.

Paired with solar modules, the RCT Power Storage provides clean energy and recharges the RCT Power Battery efficiently. The modular design integrates easily into the building environment. A multicolor LED light path displays the current status. Learn more

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Power outage protection.

The RCT Power Switch ensures the functioning of your photovoltaic system and the battery storage unit during a power outage. It can keep selected appliances running up to several days. Learn more

Grows with your needs.

The RCT Power Battery stores your solar energy for use when the sun is not shining. It works with particular safe and environmentally friendly LiFePO4 battery cells. The modular system can be upgraded and adapted to fit your requirements. Learn more

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Manage your energy independence.

Monitor your home's solar production and consumption in real time. Stay connected with instant alerts. RCT Power App enables an effortless setup and allows you to control your storage system from anywhere. All in one powerful app.

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Resilient at any time.

Power your home during an outage with stored energy
Keep your appliances safe and running
Sustainable energy storage with solar power

Storage Systems Rethought.

Germany’s #1 Technology. Now available in the US. Learn more

Imagine your home producing and storing clean solar energy. Controlling energy costs and safeguarding you from power outages.

Start producing solar energy and store it with for whenever you need it.

Stay ahead and store.

Order your RCT Power Storage System today.

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Home Storage Systems

Imagine your home producing and storing clean solar energy. Controlling energy costs and safeguarding you from power outages.

C&I Storage Systems

Power up your business. Store energy with RCT Power CESS solutions for when you need it most or sell your surplus energy back to your local utility.

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